Workshop “Forest delicacies”

Estonia is known for its large forests – a richness that we have used  throughout millennia. During the summer and autumn season, Estonians are avid gatherers of forest products such as mushrooms and berries. Living close to forests, we have learned to master the secrets of wild forest produce, we know how to use plants for food, and self-caught fish or game from a hunter are highly appreciated delicacies. 

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Workshop “Traditional tastes from Southern Estonia”

The Estonian cooking traditions are a blend of the German manor cuisine and Russian and Scandinavian dishes. The first cookbook in Estonian (translated from Swedish) was published in 1781. Estonian peasants did not need a cookbook – they ate what was growing in their fields or what they had collected for preservation. Both the dishes and the way we eat have changed over time. Read more

Workshop “Totally local”

During this class we will learn about the Nordic food traditions and ingredients. Depending on the season we will start by a trip to the garden, a field or a neighbouring farm in order to collect the freshest and cleanest produce. Then we will put on our aprons and make a multiple-course meal from these local ingredients. Read more